About the Jail Re-Entry Program Office

In recent years, Virginia has developed a comprehensive plan to address re-entry and recidivism reduction for state inmates. However, local correctional facilities were left with little guidance or resources. Because of the autonomy of local jails, there has been no state-led or funded re-entry service, and localities cannot participate in state Department of Corrections’ programs. This program is design to address that gap.

Support for Jail Offenders

The problems that lead to crime and a jail sentence, whether it’s abuse trauma, anger management or addiction, are usually still present in offenders’ lives even after they serve their sentence. It’s important to address these in planning for a successful re-entry.

Services, offered both prior to release and immediately after, such as

  • individualized case management,
  • treatment services,
  • opportunities to develop work skills, and
  • support networks

provide a former inmate a much better shot at success.

Resources for Jail Practitioners

The Office of the Attorney General is addressing this gap in resources and coordination in our criminal justice system for the first time by offering local sheriff’s our assistance in providing these services.

We have collected data and materials to create an online tool that will represent the best practices in the re-entry field, with examples of efforts around Virginia.

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