Welcome from the Attorney General

Attorney General of Virginia Mark HerringDear Fellow Virginians:

Thank you for visiting our Re-entry portal and for taking an active role in the commitment to safer communities. Our efforts in re-entry help provide returning citizens with the skills and resolve to abstain from crime and contribute to society.

Re-entry is a powerful win-win investment that makes our communities safer and saves taxpayers money. I’m really proud of the infrastructure we’ve been building over the last few years and the many localities that have added, expanded, or strengthened their┬áre-entry efforts. We are looking to build a great opportunity for all the stakeholders in a community to come together, decide what successful re-entry looks like in their community, and develop a plan to make it happen.

Whether you are a correctional officer, probation officer, community stakeholder or concerned citizen we value your effort and commitment. Please contact us to share any ideas you may have or tell us about your success.

Mark R. Herring

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Find out how re-entry benefits businesses, communities and individuals. ┬╗